18 de julio de 2011

The Art of Steampunk

Image take from http://professormaelstromme.wordpress.com
Yesterday I finally got the book the art of steampunk, and is amazing.

The first time I heard about this book was via netgalleys.com .

Netgalleys is a web that continue the spirit of the galleys on the net. And is easy to register and start asking for books.

When a writer is close to publish his book, send the book to diferent people to promotional porpouses and to get reviews this is called a galley proof.

And is what netgalleys does via internet, with the diference that you can suscribe and ask books to review, you are not forced to actually do it.

So well I ask to review the book in my kindle. And wow I loved what I see.

Actually I didn't read it, and at that moment I did the preorder in april.

I didn't finish to read it because Sarahi is always around.

The experience has been great due the book is about artists of this movement, I google images when I tried to find a image for this post, I found the flickr album of one of the artists, that was cool because there are more photos and in fact there is one of the photos from the book but took from other angle, and the same photo but I can see it with beter resolution.

I recommend this book. Is smaller than I thought. But very nice.

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